French Dairy Group

France has always been famous in the world for its fashion, perfume, and good food. But you may not know that the French farmland area accounts for 1/4 of the total area of the European common market. Other priding achievements of French include its high annual exports of agricultural products which are as high as $30 billion, and 25 million tons of annual milk production quantity, which is about 1/4 of the total production capacity of the European common market, making it be one of the largest global dairy exporter.

The cow milk from French Dairy Group is excellent in quality. And this group, honored as European Milk Storehouse, does not only have a long history, but is equipped with better manufacturing technology.

French excellent dairy group

◆ In 1947, it established the dairy factory of spray dry.

◆ In 1968, it applied sterile aerosol packaging in the dairy packaging.

◆ In 1982, it constructed three-stage drying tower, and won the "Innovation Award" from the French government.

◆ In 1985, it successfully applied robots in dairy automatic continuous production line, ensuring the production efficiency and quality.

◆ In 1990, its dairy factory obtained French ISO-9002 international quality certification.

◆ In 1992, its annual production of fresh milk was 200 million liters, 35% of which was used to produce infant formula milk powder for global marketing. So far, it still plays an important position in the European dairy group.

Being green and environment-friendly for being the leading in the world

As a member of the French Dairy Group approved by the ISO14001, the Liquid Mix original factory knows well about the rich resource environment in the earth. As a result, we do what we can to carry out green and environment-friendly theme. All of us are committed to environmental protection to cope with the climate challenges we may face now and in the future. The aim of the ISO14001 certification lies in striking the optimal balance between the economic development and the respect for environment of the earth.

Energy conservation and carbon reduction

Producing milk powder is very energy intensive. In order to improve its negative effects on the earth, the Liquid Mix original factory has introduced a kind of innovative and sustainable concept.

Wood biomass boiler

◆ This is a large biomass boiler established by the agricultural food company.

◆ The biomass boiler is pollution-free and highly effective, and can meet the current and future needs.

◆ This project has reached the requirement in the Kyoto Protocol, which is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 5% in 2010.

◆ The project also conforms to the target in the French Government Resolution, which is to reduce the greenhouse effect by three-quarters by 2050.

Through the development of the wood biomass boiler engineering, the carbon dioxide emissions standards of the Liquid Mix original factory of French Dairy Group is about 40 years in advance than its counterparts, which has been reduced from 22,000 tons/year to 5,000 tons/year.


Cherish water resources

The science and technology project of wood biomass boiler has helped the Liquid Mix original factory dairy group save 15,000 cubic meters of water resources per year. As a large number of "liquid milk" will be produced in the drying process from the liquid milk to the powder, we can recycle them and use them in the wood biomass boiler, to generate steam. In this way, no extra water resources shall be required. At the same time, the l Liquid Mix original factory of French Dairy Group also has developed its own waste recycling system.




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