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Graduated from the Department of Pharmacy of China Pharmaceutical College in Taiwan, General Manager Kang Defa, who has a profound knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry in Taiwan, has directed the layout reform of the whole Taiwan infant milk powder market with forward-looking and pioneering vision and thinking. With his efforts, the pharmacies previously accounting for a 3% share in the infant milk powder market, has risen to a market share of 80%. In 1997, with the support from pharmacy operators and a large number of customers, general manager Kang Defa established the Unikid Corporation.

The French Dairy Group has a long history of 80 years and a good reputation.

The choice of the long-term cooperation with the dairy enterprises in Normandy is derived from on-the-spot investigation on French milk source by General Manager Kang Defa and his trust for the milk. The production base has a 80-year history. The production process of "Liquid Mix" can especially guarantee the freshness and safety of dairy products.

The technology of "Liquid Mix" shall be maintained, ensuring that the milk powder can be of fresh nutrition close to breast milk.

Nowadays, the technology of "Liquid Mix" which is already mature in France has become the trademark of Unikid. However, this technology was not accepted by the public when it was first introduced to Taiwan because of its relatively high cost and unfamiliar concept. General Manager Kang Defa believed that consumers would be able to identify the real good quality because good quality is the key of the final choice. Under the untiring persistence of the Unikid employees, with a good reputation and unknown devotion, a batch of discerning consumers has discovered the outstanding quality of the "Liquid Mix" products and has given Unikid strong and powerful support.

The products have been secure for 19 years without any risk.

In recent years, food safety problems frequently occur, such as melamine, plasticizer…The entire infant food industry is experiencing an unprecedented crisis of confidence. Unikid has always insisted on the good quality for 19 years and has survived in the crisis thereby. Facts have proved that only adhering to the pursuit of excellence in quality is the essence of operating the brand of infant milk powder. Unikid never stresses the formula, but only adheres to the excellent quality and the technology of "Liquid Mix" with the principle of making milk powder close to the fresh and nutrition of breast milk. With the quality imported with original packaging from France, we dedicate it to all the healthy baby and mommy, working together with you for the baby's future.




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